Rice cooker

censth, Feb 21, 9:43am
dont want to end up with a heap gadgets that do same thing. the electric rice cookers does it only cook rice or can it cook dried spagg and other pasta

charlieb2, Feb 21, 9:47am
only rice as far as I'm aware... but I DO love mine!!Probably my most used gadget

censth, Feb 21, 9:50am
thanks for that seen one here on tm in chch brand new $15 is that resonable. never seen one up close. next question when its cooking can you add the spices and veges etc to the rice in the cooker

erewhon04, Feb 21, 11:09pm
I love mine, too.Used to cook rice in a microwave and it would always boil over.I haven't tried it, but I'm sure you could add spice and veges towards the end of cooking.Most have a 'keep warm' function but I find the rice sticks to the bottom of the pan if you leave it. Not sure about the usual price but I seem to think i paid about $40 a couple of years ago.

nzhel, Feb 21, 11:36pm
I just bought a 'cheapy' from Kmart and used it for the first time last night. It worked well but I thought the texture of the way I usually do rice is nicer. I normally cook rice by the 'rapid boil' method and it turns out well. I wondered if different varieties of rice worked better with a cooker? I usually use jasmine rice.

nauru, Feb 23, 10:32am
Yes you can add spices.I usually cook off some onion & spices in a little oil and add to rice with water and cook as normal.It turns out great every time. Sometimes I add some chopped dried fruit & nuts after it;s cooked.

kiwigoldie, Feb 24, 1:27am
my rice cooker has a little recipe book and one of the recipes you....melt butter in the rice cooker add diced onion and garlic and cook a couple of mins...add aborio rice....later in cooking you add some herbs, spices and diced cooked chicken, grated parmesan, salt and pepper and a diced tomatoe and hey presto rissotto...it also has other recipes..so you can indeed do a bit more than just plain rice.....our rice cooker was a gift...i like it...but i wouldnt have specifically chosen to own one....there is so much choice on the market for "gadgets"...and in small modern kitchens not so much storage....

bopeep80, Feb 24, 1:34am
I used to like mine, and used it a lot, then some of the coating started lifting, so I never used it again.

Last year I bought a microwave rice cooker on Magnamail and I love it !! I put in a measured amount of rice, then top with boiling water, til its about 2cms over the rice, then cook for 10 mins on high. The inner bit, when you take it out, drains the rice. I have also cooked vegs in it. Im going to try popping corn in it too.


fisher, 2 days, 10 hours
Hey Charlie... yes Kathy's most used appliance as well... she luvvvves rice..