Rice cooker HELP

ceila, Nov 29, 5:00am
Why does my rice burn on the bottom I have try more water, less water washing rice not washing rice is it what rice cookers do?

davidt4, Nov 29, 5:22am
You may not be using the right amount of water. My Breville rice cooker came with instructions to use equal quantities or rice and water, which was obviously wrong. The correct proportion for my rice cooker is one and a half volume of water to rice (e. g. 2 c rice, 3 c water). Try that and see how you go - rice cookers do vary.

I don't wash the rice.

The other possibility is that your cooker is somehow letting out too much steam - perhaps the lid doesn't seal properly.

davidt4, Nov 29, 5:25am
Another thought - perhaps your cooker isn't switching to the "keep warm" setting once the rice is cooked.

If it's a new cooker take it back, if it's old buy a new one - they're not expensive and are incredibly useful.

ceila, Nov 29, 5:34am
Thank you It is a new cooker and it does switch to warm but the bottom is burnt by then will try more water and see how that goes

nauru, Nov 29, 7:21am
Celia, I had the same trouble, sticking to bottom of cooker. I just added a little more water, seems to do the trick. My book said, 1c water to 1c rice + 1c water. Does anyone cook brown rice in their cooker? How much water to rice do you suggest please? thanks

jfd, Nov 29, 8:03am
I was rubbish at cooking rice until my chinese friend showed me how. Just wash the rice once and then cover the rice in enough water that it reaches the top of the first joint of your finger (from the top of the rice not the bottom of the pan) bring to the boil for 5 mins, turn off and leave with the lid on for 20-25 mins. Easy as, never burns and come out perfectly each time.

Thus is just in a normal pot, not a rice cooker.

davidt4, Nov 29, 8:47pm
#5 Brown rice needs more liquid and takes longer - I use a bit more than twice the volume of rice, e. g. 1 c brown rice and 2. 25 c water.

#6Yes, that's the method that I use if I don't use a rice cooker. The rice cooker is great though as you can just turn it on and leave it for hours if necessary.

pamellie, Nov 29, 10:11pm
I have a similiar problem. Mine doesn't burn but can form a skin on the bottom sometimes. Stirring once it finishes cooking is good. Also adding a bit of extra water seems to solve this.

My rice cooker cooks the best brown rice, nice and fluffy and not at all sticky.

I have a question. How do you cook rice like the indians? We had butter chicken the other night and the rice was lovely. Well cooked and all the grains were separate. I much prefer this to the sticky asian rice. Any ideas?

davidt4, Nov 29, 10:31pm
#8Try using basmati rice to get the separate grains you are looking for. Avoid vacuum packed rice because it will have broken grains from the pressure used to pack it.

Basmati rice cooks very quickly, and benefits from being soaked in cold water for an hour or two beforehand. To cook it in a rice cooker, measure the rice dry, give it a soak, drain, then use 1. 3 c water per cup of rice. When it is cooked and the rice cooker switches to "keep warm", open the lid and trun the rice over a few times to separate the grains, leave on the warm setting for at least a further 15 min. Longer is fine.

To cook basmati as described in #6 above bring it to the boil but boil only two minutes then turn off.

pamellie, Nov 29, 10:53pm
Thanks David will try that next time.

nauru, Nov 29, 10:58pm
Thanks for that, I will try it next time as we much prefer brown rice and it's so much nicer when done in a rice cooker. Also noted your info on cooking Basmati.

chalkiej, Dec 1, 3:07am
I was shown how to cook rice in my rice cooker by my Japanese DIL. Put the amount of rice you want in the bowl I usually use one cup (comes out to be about 2 1/2 cups when cooked), keep rinsing the rice until the water runs clear, then put water in the bowl until it comes up to the first knuckle of your index finger. Switch on. I've never had a failure doing it that way. Before that I was always burning it, or having it stick to the bottom, or not be cooked properly, etc.

biker_69, Dec 1, 12:29pm
That's exactly right.

paulasillars, Aug 3, 7:50pm
Its possible to get brown basmati rice but you need to go to a specialised Asian grocery store usually.