Foreign food

veronica5, Jun 30, 9:59pm
Hi all, need to take a plate of 'foreign food' to Keas (scouts) tonight. Would need to be finger food suitable for 6 to 8yr olds, mostly boys.
Any suggestions? Dont want to spend 2 hours going down to the shops so would need to be quick to make at home.

cookessentials, Jun 30, 11:02pm
Mmm, what do they mean exactly by "foreign food"? that could be a difficult one, especially to get 6-8 year olds to eat!

valentino, Jun 30, 11:03pm
Foreign Food ? It all depends on what one has especially if one not too keen in going to the shops... ...

Some thoughts like Sushi rolls, Sushi squares, Samosas, Spring rolls, actually quite a few but most are quite common here now.

Sometimes on a short notice would go to a place like Chicken Exquisite of Rosebank road and look at various options that are frozen, quite often best and most cost friendly option like noted above plus shrimp or prawn rolls plus other ethnic food items.

Cheers and all the best.

dezzie, Jun 30, 11:25pm
what about frankfurters on long rolls with a selection of tomato sauce, relish etc, and call them american hotdogs, it essentially all they are.

pericles, Jun 30, 11:27pm

kierd, Jun 30, 11:50pm
Thanks for your ideas. Does cut up banana rolled in coconut sound foreign? Thought about popcorn but it sounds a little boring.

kierd, Jun 30, 11:51pm
sorry using my husbands site. Forgot he was logged in too.

lizab, Jul 1, 12:18am
pizza's from Italy!

ruby19, Jul 1, 12:22am
Meat balls on sticks italy, guacamole & corn chips mexico, mini toad in holes ( sausages in yorkshire pudding batter) English. Peanut butter & jelly (jam) sandwiches) USA, just cut into small fingers. Cucumber sandwiches, crusts English.

wheelmann, Jul 1, 12:24am
Fish and Chips from the UK.

uli, Jul 1, 12:25am
You win post of the week for that :)

vintagekitty, Jul 1, 2:18am
been there, many times in the past. Ive done sushi, salsa and corn chips, mini spring rolls and sweet chilli sauce, american hotdogs- cut into 3, s'mores and the favourite was pizza. The pizza one was because I forgot and just phoned dominoes and got 4 lge pizza's delivered to the classroom huge hit!

elliehen, Sep 20, 8:12pm
This will be the hit of the day... no leftovers and no waste of the cook's time fiddling around trying to be ethnically authentic for ravenous 6 to 8 year-olds :)