kitcheno, Jun 22, 11:14pm
Any ideas on how I can satisfy my hunger, just had my teetrh out

levintofu, Jun 22, 11:16pm
custard... and soups?

jan2242, Jun 22, 11:17pm
Creamy mashed potato. You can add anything you like and whizz it in the food processor.

kitcheno, Jun 22, 11:25pm
Yes, done them. Potted up a few shepherd pies, stewed fruit is good. Any different ideas?

245sam, Jun 22, 11:36pm
kitcheno, many years ago when my DH's parents needed to be away for the weekend and my then boyfriend (now DH) had all his teeth removed I recall making him salmon in parsley sauce which he thoroughly enjoyed. He went without any teeth for about 3 months and towards the end of that time he could chew almost anything, including a tender steak.
I too, have dentures, but I did not go 'toothless' - I went to sleep with my own teeth and woke with dentures on top of fully stitched gums. Either way it's amazing how quickly one's gums heal but in the meantime PLEASE avoid eating mince as the small pieces of meat can become lodged in the sockets where your teeth were - it would be a painful/uncomfortable experience to remove the pieces of meat and not keeping the sockets clear and clean can lead to an infection.

Good luck and all the best for quick healing. :-))

rog.e, Jun 22, 11:37pm
Poached or fried eggs on cooked and well-chopped spinach or siverbeet greens. Well cooked broccoli mashed with butter and seasonings to make a sort of puree. Soups with barley, lentils, split peas, pasta etc. cooked then cooled then put into a blender to make smooth. Over-cooked pasta with tomato or creamy sauces.
Hope this is of some help.

cookessentials, Jun 22, 11:38pm
If you have a kitchen wizz, you can pop in your meat and vege and puree till smooth, add a little gracy as well. Used to do this with our meals/roasts etc for our son when he was starting to eat solids.

245sam, Jun 22, 11:49pm
That's a great suggestion but from personal experience I urge you to not puree the meat and vegetables together - I tried that and while it is ok for littlies/those who are learning to eat solids, as an adult I found the all-in-together pureed mixture revolting and I wish I had thought to puree each item separately so that I could then have served the pureed meat and vegetables separately in the same way as one would serve e. g. sliced meat and pieces of vegetables.

greerg, Jun 23, 12:24am
Fruit smoothies with yoghurt make a good breakfast as does porridge.

red2, Jun 23, 12:35am
omlettes , cheese souffle , tuna and pasta , soups

elliehen, Jun 23, 2:18am
Have just posted this as a 'curious recipe'... but egg custards are nourishing and satisfying. It's from the 1940s when almost all adults had their teeth out before they turned thirty.

Melt one jelly (preferably lemon colour) in one large cup of water. Bring one cup of milk to the boil. Add beaten yolks of two eggs. Whisk in stiffly beaten whites. When cool blend custard with jelly mixture and set in bowl or moulds.

cookessentials, Jun 23, 2:19am
LOL, we LOVED it like that! we used to do Adam's and then end up pureeing ours as well as it tasted so good.

cookessentials, Jun 23, 2:20am
Oops, I did mean gravy, not gracy LOL

taratoo, Jun 23, 3:17am
Try crust-less quiches & cheese, asparagus and egg stratas, etc. You are dead right about the mince, gets everywhere and sticks, like rice. Stick with pasta and potatoes, pumpkin and other things nice and mash-able. Stay away from mushrooms, celery, broccoli (unless creamed of course). Soups with little pieces of tough meat are bad too. Fish is great. Chicken can be pureed and made into a loaf (mini cupcakes) with seasoning etc, it's nice. just don't over cook. You won't be able to chew, but you will be able to squash food!

petal1955, Aug 30, 11:54am
Have normal food meat and veggies... ... just use a hand stick blender to puree it. . you will get sick of eating soups and scambled eggs and yoghurt custards... ... ... I know had mine out 6 years ago... ...

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