Wedding cake icing for display, does it last long?

blackroseforge, Jun 19, 10:48am
Hi peoples... I am getting married on 10 th July and am seeking advice as to how long or when to do the prep for the wedding cake base with white icing.
We have a "theme" for our cake and are doing the base mixed in with some static display... its just i am wondering how long does the packet icing last , how long to do before the wedding etc.
The cake is being made by a professional, so I am just doing the fancy table display sort of thing ( you wont get to eat it)... anyway any thoughts welcome or advice, thanksregards Richard Neville

margyr, Jun 19, 9:32pm
if it is the fondant packet icing it lasts for years in an airtight container, even the royal icing made with egg whites lasts forever., Jun 19, 10:39pm
Your best bet would be to go to a proper cake decorator and ask what they use for the non edible static displays I'm pretty sure its just a sugar icing but its different to the fondant. and as long as they are kept try and away from humidity they last practically forever.

shirley16, Jun 20, 5:27am
Pettinice roll icing is the one for you. Most supermarkets have it.

sue1955, Jun 20, 5:56am
I would just use Pettinice as suggested above, if you are just wanting white icing as the base display then this will last ages as long as you keep it in cool dry conditions.

blackroseforge, Aug 21, 6:44pm
thanks for the advice... we have several bags of the white pettinice icing the made in nz blue bag one from Bakels, its good to know we are on the right track, and yes I should just ask the cake maker... shouldn't I... ta for all the positive thoughts peoples :)

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