Rolled Beef Roast in crock pot,

petal89, Jun 14, 11:30pm
Hi all, i hv a rolled beef roast and was thinking of putting it in the crock pot. Q is do u use water or just a bit of oil in the crock pot, or what do you do for your crock pot roasts? ? TIA :-)

bumblebee13, Jun 14, 11:38pm
i did a roast beef in the crock pot it was great just added about1cup of water or a little more depending on the size of your crock pot

fifie, Jun 15, 12:09am
My way is rub a little oil over your roll of beef, then rub in some crushed garlic add some salt and ground black pepper. Heat a frying pan up till hot roll the beef roast around in this slowly so the outside all browns up. Place in crockpot drizzle a little balsamic vinegar over the roast lid on and cook. When done take meat out cover with tin foil, while you make a gravy from the juices, carve meat and devour... . .

bidz, Jun 15, 12:37am
I do the same as fifie. Lovely moist meat, delicious gravy. Enjoy!

petal89, Aug 6, 5:45pm
thank you all much appreciated :-) will try one of those

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