Has anyone made scalloped potato in crock pot?

peneve, Sep 29, 8:55am
Does it work?I know sometimes veges can be hard in the crockpot, and just wondered if this has been successful for anyone?
If so, do you cook it on low or high? And for how long?All day ok?

245sam, Sep 29, 9:14am
peneve, I haven't done so but there is a recipe in Joan Bishop's books for Scalloped Potatoes - for 1 Kg potatoes her recipe says to cook 3½-4 hours on HIGH (Crockpot) and approximately 3½ hours on HIGH (Slow Cooker).

Hope that helps.:-))

marcs, Sep 29, 10:45am
Yes and it cooks well on high for 4 hours. I even put whole browned sausaged on top. Sausasges turn out really good.

nzhel, Sep 29, 11:21am
Yes I've done it often and they turn out fine. They will cook quicker in any of the new crockpots as they are generally hotter I've found and I allow a lot longer if I use my very elderly Ralta crockpot.

peneve, Apr 25, 8:06pm
Thanks, I shall give it a crack!I have an old one too so will allow plenty of time :)