Chicken Dishes Please (cook in Crock Pot)

walker18, Aug 19, 12:09pm
I have some chcken breasts I would like to make a casserrole.

gardie, Aug 19, 6:04pm
Not sure that I would put breasts in the crockpot. It is more suited to unboned bits as they don't become so dry (and yes, meat can dry out if overcooked in crockpot; on the inside, if you know what I mean).

What about cutting a pocket into them, popping in some herb butter or pesto, then crumbing and pan frying. If you want them to go further you could cut them up, and pan fry with onion and add in diced carrots. Pop in some stock and simmer till cooked then thicken with either roux(then add some cream) or some cornflour mixed with cream/milk. You can then pop in some frozen peas to heat through. Serve over rice is nice - or even mashed spuds.
Not really casserole dishes I know but relatively quick anyway.

mellish, Aug 19, 9:09pm
I put a can of mushroom soup and a jar of salsa in the crock pot, mix it up, then coat the chicken breasts in taco season and pop in for 6 hours on low or 2-3 on high - when its nearly time to serve up, I dump in some rice - yum, and then shred the chicken up when the rice is cooked - add sour cream and eat.

holdenfanz, Aug 21, 8:45am
I do chicken breasts with a tin of flavoured tomatos and gravy mixed together with diced onions. Cook on low for 8 hours. Its a divine casserole esp with mashed potatos

hott-mama, Feb 14, 5:45am
what sort of gravy mix do you use holden? that sounds yum . . they all do . .