thinking of getting a friend a crock pot

mber2, Aug 22, 5:33am
im thinking of getting a friend a crock pot but im not to sure what is the best one to buy for her. So what is the best one to get

noonesgirl, Aug 22, 5:45am
Might find info on

elliehen, Aug 22, 6:20am
Be better if you'd put 'Best crockpot? ? ' in the title. . might get some irritable posters in here ;)

uli, Aug 22, 7:24am
Have you ever thought about what she/he might cook in it?
There are round ones and oval ones ... .

macandrosie, Aug 22, 7:35am
I have got a smaller Zip one(3 litres) & a larger Rusell Hobbs one (5 litres). They are great! I put a whole frozen chicken in first thing in the morning to high & its ready by 4pm. If you are going for a bigger size eg: 5 litre go for the oval rather than round, its a more versatile shape.

gardie, Aug 22, 7:39am
Try to get a crock pot rather than a slow cooker. I loved my old crockpot but do not like my new slow cooker. It simply cooks tooo fast.

noonesgirl, Aug 22, 7:58am
Personally wouldn't want one myself, have you asked if this is something she will use?

darlingmole, Aug 22, 8:22am
I put a whole frozen chicken (macandrosie (79 )

frozen? really? and it's cooked by 4pm? I always thought you were meant to used defrosted chooks?

beaker59, Aug 22, 9:30am
It works Darling though personally I wouldn't. I prefer to brown my meat first and thatsa bit difficult when its frozen.

rainrain1, Aug 23, 6:06am
I don't know what the best one is mber2, but I find the oval shape is better for chicken, hocks etc

anne1955, Aug 23, 7:13am
I've had a number of them haven't found a bad one yet... mine die from over use haha It's the on/off switch what end up cracking on mine I currently have a Russell Hobs and a cheapy from Red shed the both seem to last for me and I use them very much on a almost daily basisand both have split there knobs still work fine and the knobs just seem to get brittle with old age and lots of use... probably get about 2-3 years out of all of them. . before they do this. . more go with size and size of family rather than anything else... Russell Hobbs are happy to replace hehe if you keep reciept and live near a branch that specialises in there things Hvae been licky in CHCH they don't ask questions they just replace if it's under a couple of years old.

duckmoon, Feb 19, 11:50am
how many people in her household... will help you decide what size she needs