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spot20, Sep 13, 9:23pm
oil etc in cooking and health - someone mentioned putting it in a protein shake with berries? ?
Have also heard coconut fibre is good for ibs - i wonder if that means ordinary coconut from the super? ?

buzzy110, Sep 14, 5:36am
Google really is your friend but I will start the ball rolling with a long winded post about coconut oil/butter.

buzzy110, Sep 14, 5:38am
Saturated Fat - It is a source of Saturated Fat that DOES NOT contribute to heart disease. Baked Goods - It is good to use when making baked goods. Whipping - It whips up easily. Flavour - neutral.

buzzy110, Sep 14, 5:40am
High Temperature Cooking It is a very stable fat and is your best choice for high temperature cooking. Omega-6 vegetable oils create health-damaging free radicals and trans-fatty acids when heated to high temperatures.

buzzy110, Sep 14, 5:42am
Digestibility - It is a medium-chain fatty acid fat that is easy to digest making it an especially good choice for people who have trouble digesting fat or who have suppressed immune systems.

buzzy110, Sep 14, 5:45am
Antiviral Properties - Yes. It has those. It is also a great alternative for people who want a grain-free, dairy-free alternative to butter or margarine. I can probably find some recipes if you want but I am supposed to be typing up Spelt sourdough recipes for a poster in the sourdough thread and I am really short on time.

spot20, Sep 14, 6:52am
thanks for that buzzy! ! might give it a go!

doug57, Sep 14, 7:08am
Bedazzled knows ALL about the stuff! . . Ir's her that adds it to shakes. . find her in the low carb thread. . she's a mine of info and will be pleased to help :)

ppppaula, Sep 14, 8:04am
also good for progesterone .

uli, Sep 14, 9:52am
coconut fibre is usually made into rugs - you sure you want to INGEST that? ? ?

cloudberry, Sep 14, 7:31pm
Coconut oil is expensive but excellent for frying meat. I love to use it because of the flavour. I guess you have to like the taste of coconut, though!

evenmore, Sep 21, 12:16pm
It solidifies in the bottle... . how best to get it out?

bedazzledjewels, Sep 21, 6:47pm
It's a challenge isn't it! I just chip away with a teaspoon. It's much easier in the hot weather though!

2halls, Sep 21, 6:59pm
It's also excellent for thyroid function ... especially for anybody with an underactive thyroid :-)

accroul, Sep 21, 7:43pm
LOL LOL LOL @ poster#10 It's coconut OIL not fibre! Coconut oil is good for many things, you only have to google for tons of info. Good as a hair conditioner treatment, moisturiser for skin and good for the insides too.

bedazzledjewels, Sep 21, 8:10pm
Lol! AND it seems to reverse early Alzheimers too! (Dashes off to grab more coconut oil to slosh into my tea! )

davidt4, Sep 21, 9:46pm
#15 Why the hysterical reaction? The first post mentioned coconut fibre as a help with IBS. Personally I doubt that (and I am also highly sceptical of the other extravangant claims made for cocnut oil).

cloudberry, Sep 21, 9:53pm
Davidt4 Extravagant claims or not, it smells good, it tastes good, it's versatile (ie multifunctional! ) and it does an excellent and consistent job when I cook with it. That's why I use it.

davidt4, Sep 21, 10:49pm
Here is a link http://health. usnews.com/articles/health/diet-fitness/2009/0

madzwhippet, Sep 22, 9:21am
coconut oil... ... . and high cholesterol ? ... ... . . was told years ago that coconut oil is a nono for those prone to elevated cholesterol... . does anyone know the answer to this ? ? ?

racheee, Sep 22, 9:33am
Sally Fallon in her books 'Nourishing Traditions' and 'Eat Fat, Lose Fat' has nothing but praise for Virgin Coconut Oil. I take it internally (mixing some with warm water in the mornings and cooking with it)and externally (as a moisturiser) each day. Read what Sally has to say about high cholesterol, I am sure you could google it, or even read some of 'Nourishing Traditions' on Amazon.

danielvds, Sep 22, 9:28pm
another good book worth reading is 'The coconut oil Miracle' by Bruce Fife. If you google his name you will find a lot of interesting information to read on coconut oil.

bedazzledjewels, Sep 22, 9:37pm
Madzwhippet dietary cholesterol doesn't have any effect on cholesterol levels. Take a minute to look at this video and maybe you might be interested in this guy's book. Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=i8SSCNaaDcE

buzzy110, Sep 23, 2:33am
#20. If you bothered to read my earlier posts you would have discovered the answer to your question about cholesterol before you even had to ask for it.

buzzy110, Sep 23, 2:35am
and if anyone else is even remotely interested it has been found that cholesterol blood levels are not the cause of heart disease. That honour belongs to triglycerides. All the fuss about cholesterol is just a nonsense that doctors have been told to believe, even though it isn't true.

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