Roasting Beetroot?

myrtie52, Jan 4, 3:57am
I have heard you can roast beetroot, is this dne with the skin on or do you peel first? How long do you cook it for? I have lots of beetroot at the moment, have made some relish and done some in spicy brine for salads, thoguht it would be quite nice to try something different. Any other suggestions on how to use them up would also be appreciated. Thanks.

v-tec-chickie, Jan 4, 4:03am
I peel mine, and put a bit of honey over it, (chopped into peices) and wrap in foil - which makes it steam a bit, as otherwise I found it took AGES to cook! ! Its yummy - easy hubby's fav roast veg!

ferita, Jan 4, 4:04am
I precook mine by boiling it then roasting it after. Served with brown sugar and sour cream. . yum as :)

myrtie52, Jan 4, 4:11am
Sounds delicious! Will give it a try. Thanks.

morrello1, Jan 4, 4:19am
I have heaps of beetroot from my garden & only peel the top & bottom ends to get rid of the rough bits. I don't peel the skin off as such. I always cut it into little pieces to roast as otherwise it takes so long. 20-50c piece sized bits of beetroot roasted with potato, kumara, carrot, onion, pumpkin, whatever I have pieces 2, 3 or 4 times that size. It goes all nice & caramelised if it gets 'overcooked' anyway so it's all good.

gardenfaery, Jan 16, 8:19pm
far too sweet for me but grandies love it ! ! ! !

bellter, Jan 17, 6:28am
Top and tail them - make a foil parcel with the beetroot, some garlic and balsamic vinegar and throw the parcel on the BBQ - timing depends on the size of the beet - if too big I quarter them first - and about 10-15mins. You will stun people at the next bbq - just put them in a bowl and pass the toothpicks or forks around - they go fast!

timturtle, Jul 13, 6:40pm
I have made them into wedges before, peeled and just spray oil over them, they sort of caramelised and really nice

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