Creamy russian fudge receipe needed

chrisynz, Jun 1, 7:07am
while in Chch we tried the best russian fudge we have ever tried. . it was donated to the Ronald Mcdonal House were we were staying , and they didnt have the recipe. . it was a very smooth soft texture and we would love it if any one had a recipe that makes it like that. . thanks in advance.

talent.scout, Jun 1, 7:15am
one we make is two and a half cups of melted white buttons/choc, and stir in a can of condensed milk. Sets in 5 mins.

245sam, Jun 1, 7:19am
chrisynz, have a look at- php? f=15&t=660

Hopefully you'll find a recipe amongst the options there that will replicate the sweet treat you enjoyed in our city. As a matter of interest do you know who made the fudge that you rate as "the best russian fudge we have ever tried"? ?

I hope your stay at Ronald McDonald House was as pleasant as it could be and my best wishes to whoever was your reason for there. :-))

duckmoon, Jun 1, 7:23am
I use the recipes from the Edmonds cookbook and these are my secrets: but *sush* don't tell any one else...

1. melt sugar and milk - don't hurry this process... it will quickly become liquid, but wait until it is nearly transparent - before adding the next ingredients
2. use a candy thermo (you can purchase them for around $12 from a kitchen stuff shop) - it takes the guess work out of when it is cooked.

chrisynz, Jun 1, 7:27am
All the lady who works at the house knowsthat two young ladies dropped it of. . Ronald Mcdonal is agreat place and its so nice to see people dropping of baking /home made sweets/ jams etc etc...

katalin2, Jun 27, 8:50am
I made some for the first time from the trade me cooks site- I used the microwave recipe, did not have candy thermometer, just used the soft ball stage in water- turned our really well. ( melted sugar and milk first)

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