***A nice easy receipe for bread in the oven ***

standard, Jun 5, 7:53am
Soon we will be living in a motorhome permantely and I won't be able to have a breadmaker owing to only having a 12 volt power supply.
Does anyone have a good receipe to cook a loaf in the gas oven?
Thanks for your help.

lx4000, Jun 5, 9:49am
just use your recipe from the bread maker.
The take it from there for the timing for each stage.


pickles7, Jun 5, 10:44am
buy a generator. . making bread everyday by hand becomes a chore. I would rather have been out fishing when we lived in our RV.

standard, Jun 6, 9:00am
And the money for a generator is coming from where? ? ? ?
A lot of people get very annoyed with a generator purring away all the time

kaylfrazer, Jun 6, 9:57am
I've been making this lately. . it is very easy and good. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=YX_6l2bmvQI

beaker59, Jun 6, 10:09am
I use that one too Kaylfrazer highly recomended.

deus701, Jun 6, 1:55pm
you can make bread in a rice cooker

standard, Jun 6, 11:49pm
Thanks everyone, some great idea's to try.

guanoloco, Jun 7, 3:50am
I love doing vege breads, as in potato, kumara, have even done pumkin. I boil them, keep the cooking water, mash them, use the cooled to warm cooking water to start my yeast, then add flour and a little salt, and whatever flavourings/herbs tickle my fancy, or I have at hand. I just add flour until the consistency is right. Orange zest goes really nicely with kumara. These work well in winter as the warmth from the mashed veges means the bread rises well

books4nz, Jul 16, 5:17pm
Thanks #10 - will try that :-)

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