Russian Fudge

mrscat, Dec 18, 7:13pm
I make one batch, perfect, I make a second lot and it turns out like toffee, what could I be doing wrong when as far as I am concerned both were identical batches?

valentino, Dec 18, 9:10pm
This happens a lot regardless what you are baking, cooking, etc.

Perhaps when you do something for the first time then you are actually more pedantic, carefully following recipe/instructions and so on but when you've done it once then the next time is done with a bit more ease hence this alone can alter things just a tad.

More so with Russian Fudge, First time when I did this was absolutely perfect, everyone raved on it then the next time was great but times after that started to alter even though I felt I'm doing everything spot on as like the first batch.

Another factor is using different brands, this will alter things too, also the cookware, timing, temperatures, and so on.

I just moved on taking notes what has happened and search for a more reliable recipe.


duckmoon, Nov 19, 2:44am
Are you using a candy thermometer.
If not, make the investment

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