Freezing Russian Fudge

lulu239, Jan 19, 12:54am
I am making the equivalent of 4 batches of fudge for a 21st. We will be away until a few days before the "do" and I wanted to freeze some. I have made one double batch and cut it up. I want to know if it is OK to freeze in pieces in a tin. Any suggestion or hints will be welcome.

lilyfield, Jan 19, 1:05am
But it will keep well in a tin stored cool and dry

With freezing you will risk ice particles on the fudge that will melt into the product and make it sticky. I would not freeze it.

popeye333, Jan 19, 1:31am
As above.

But why not store it in the fridge. And then perhaps just freeze a couple of pieces, and re thaw and see how it goes. Then you will have your answer without wasting it all.

lulu239, Jan 19, 2:27am
The 21st is on Feb 15th and we get back on the 9th. I could re do it if it doesn't turn out OK. I have some smaller pieces so may be I'll freeze them then thaw and see how it goes. Thanks for the input, tho' the more the merrier.

fefeoc, Jan 19, 4:37am
It would keep just fine in the fridge for that long I'm sure. As long as you can resist it!

duckmoon, Jan 19, 9:37am
russian fudge is actually better if it sits for a while.
Doesn't need to be frozen.

I make Russian fudge for your school fair (78 batches one year was my record). I don't make double batches, but what I do do, is put a pair of saucepans on the stove.

A pair of batches takes me 45 minutes .

lulu239, Jan 22, 1:53am
Well thanks for the input. I froze a few pieces and they came out fine after thawing. I cut the pieces up (before freezing) and let them dry. I made a double batch again yesterday and let it sit overnight. It is going into the freezer shortly. If things don't pan out I'm going to be busy when I get back!

rainrain1, Jan 22, 2:40am
It keeps well in an airtight tin or jar, no need to freeze

lulu239, Apr 29, 11:14am
I have some in the frig from Christmas but it was not always in the frig so was a bit iffy about the butter with that lot. I must try some and see if it is OK. Actually the double batches have come out fine only the pan is a bit heavy when pouring and getting it out in a hurry as I always seem to.

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