Russian Fudge - can I freeze it?

korban, Sep 2, 8:02pm
I have been asked to make a heap of russian fudge for a gala day in a couple of weeks time.Would it be okay to make it now and freeze it?


noonesgirl, Sep 2, 8:38pm
Should be fine. I would free flow before putting into a container.

korban, Sep 2, 9:32pm
I have contacted Jo Seagar (it is her recipe that i use) and she said to keep in fridge. So in the fridge it will go.

greerg, Sep 2, 11:31pm
i have frozen it successfully but stopped after a ouple of occasions when it went "weepy" after thawing but its fine in the fridge for ages.

martine5, Sep 3, 5:49am
OOOOH can you contact her and ask her where she gets her watkins butternut extract from that she uses in her butterscotch meringues please?

noonesgirl, Feb 24, 6:43am