Corned beef in a crock pot

jeanette12, May 31, 8:29am
does anyone know what you do to cook it this way please?

wahinetoa62, May 31, 8:34am
I pop it in with only 1/2 cup of water as there is alot of water in the meat... then I add golden syrup and some mustard... and cook on low most of the day... so good that way

raewyn64, May 31, 8:34am
Hi Jeanette
Use the search facility to the left of this screen and change the date posted to anytime - keyword silverside.
There are a lot of threads here that will be of great help to you and give you some variations as well.

Enjoy your silverside and crock pot!

jeanette12, May 31, 9:10am
Thanks everyone for your help.

dian2, May 31, 9:15am
I cover the meat with water, add a spoonful of whole peppercorns, an onion cut in half, stick of celery & a spoonful of either golden syrup or raw sugar. . a few cloves are good if you like their flavour too. When it's cooked i leave the meat in the water to keep it moist & flavoursome

wudbox, May 31, 9:18am
Hi Wahinetoa62

Just seen your post, can you tell me the quantities you use for the golden syrup and mustard. I always cook my corn beef in the crock pot but was unaware of your recipe. I just use vinegar, brown sugar and whole cloves.

jtonkin, May 31, 9:26am
I cover ours completely in ginger beer YUMMY

annasmad1, Jun 16, 6:50am
Use a bottle of beer (330 ml) turn it on and leave until cook. Yummm!

ruckass1, Jun 16, 8:31am
same very nice

snuff4, Aug 11, 11:03am
Hiya , I use Ginger Beer the big bottle pour over the corned beef and let everything do its magic :) And with some of the juice make mustard sauce ! ! ! !

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