Help with vege soup please

_wawa_, May 31, 12:59am
my 1st attempt at making this. ive put in pumpkin, potatoe, celery, leek, brocolli, carrots, onion, spinach, liquid vege stock, water, salt n pepper and powdered chicken stock. is there anything else i need to do? ie: more flavour, thicker etc? ? thank you :0)

cookessentials, May 31, 1:12am
Seems fine to me - perhaps taste it to get it to your tase and add a little extra seasoning if required. You could throw in a couple of bay leaves for a bit of extra flavour. Depending on what you like, you could also added tinned chopped toms, or pasta or barley if you are wanting something a little thicker. Kumara and swede are also nice to add in as well.

_wawa_, May 31, 1:18am
thank you cookessentials. :)

carla8, May 31, 2:44am
Sounds like a good mix to me - like cookessentials has suggested I would add in a handful or two of the barley and split pea mixes you can buy at the supermarket - not the ones with the flavouring in it because you will have that with the stock you have used but you can get packets of mixes with just the dried peas and barley in it.

frances1266, May 31, 3:28am
veg soup is always better with long cooking and the flavour improves the next day.

alebix, May 31, 5:17am
Just watch the saltiness with the 2 lots of stock (liquid and powder).

I use one of thise kings soup mixes in mine to give it a bit of something else and I add a handful of those instant mash potato flakes about 30 mins before I serve it, thicken it up nicely and adds a potato flavour.
Pumpkin is good for going mushy and thickening up the soup too.

Next time, maybe try a bacon hock or bacon bones. . I remove the bones and it add a nice flavour to the soup and I dont have any meat in it either...

But your soup sounds really yummy, enjoy it.

fisher, May 31, 5:30am
_wawa_For a veges soup and to stop any dominant veges flavour, I only use, potato, celery, carrots, onion, swede and kumura, salt n pepper and powdered chicken stock or cube... for the stock I boil up the peelings and leaves of ALL of the above veges for 40 mins with water some bay leaves and peppercorns. . Strain this into your soup pot and discard the peelings. . "Kings" preferably or similar soup mix but NO tomatoes. . Slow cook and then spoon out some veges from the pot and using a stick blender , wizz up to a pulp to add back in and thicken the soup. . do a taste test when ready to serve and season if required. . Real fresh bread and butter to serve with the soup...

_wawa_, May 31, 5:52am
thanks for the great tips everyone! my soup went down really well, i enjoyed it and the kids absoluely loved it! ... . . i added abit of marojam near the end and oh man did it make a difference. im not one to experiment with food and i always stick to what i know but i might try this sort of thing more often now! :D

beaker59, Jun 22, 11:13pm
Well done Wawa producing a good soup is so easy and everyone has different ideas but the key I think is too cook long and slow and taste taste and then taste again its never too late to throw in something else. But main reason to taste is to get the seasoning right.

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