Beef and vege soup - what can i add to it to

campbellmum, May 30, 4:37am
stop tasting like a stew - cooked in a crookpot. Had beef bones, soup mix, veges. would adding some tomato paste help. I have just had a half a beast done and it come with lots of soup bones so they need to be used up!

What are your receipes?

martine5, May 30, 4:49am
I wouldn't put in tom paste but would put in some liquid stock, a can or two of tomatoes, some herbs and some vegies, maybe mushrooms, spincach, peas, leeks etc. and dont forget the salt and pepper

fifie, Jun 19, 6:10pm
What i do when i have a heap of beef bones is to put some in a large pot drizzle little oil on them and brown, turning often as not to burn for flavour. Take off heat. Now add all the peelings from your vegs that your making the soup with even the leafy heads from the celery, couple of bay leaves, a few peppercorns, and a chopped onion. Top up with water bring to boil simmer for about 3 hours. Scoop out bones and all the veg peelings etc or strain and discard these. Leave to cool, scoop off all the fat and you have beef stock to use or freeze for later use. Put your diced vegs in the crock pot with your soup mix add your stock, seasoning and cook. Taste adjust seasoning if need be, you should have Nice beef flavoured thick soup, sometimes i don't put soup mix in just some broken noodles near the last of cooking. .

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