Making vege soup....need stock ideas

dasfi, Oct 3, 7:20pm
i couldnt find any bacon bones to buy yesterday. I dont have stock either. im thinking of using maggi chiken stock power and putting a few tsp in. Would that still be nice. Does anyone have other ideas? ? ?

lilyfield, Oct 3, 7:56pm
Sure it wil be a great soup even with fake stock powder

chicco2, Oct 3, 8:15pm
An old microwave recipe book sugested using a few veges peeled, include the peelings... onion, carrot, kumara etc. Boil for 15mins, pour through a sieve and you have flavoursome stock. This was used to make gravy for meat that was cooked in the microwave. I have used it.

darlingmole, Oct 3, 9:29pm
I always keep the bones of my roast chicken and boil it up with onion, garlic, bay leaves, a carrot, celery, parsley from the garden. Bring to the boil then reduce for an hour or 2.

davidt4, Oct 3, 9:32pm
Vege soup If you haven't any real stock just use water and make sure you use lots of fresh herbs including bay leaves. For goodness sake don't add artificial stock - it tastes revolting and will ruin all your hard work.

sassco, Oct 4, 1:49am
your local butcher. . should have bacon dones, beef bones, venison bones etc. . all good for soup and not too pricey. i have tried all these and all very good!

clamyhen, Oct 5, 8:26am
stock ideas I save and freeze the vege water from the veges I cook at night then use this in gravies or soups I make. Nice flavour to these

chikky, May 24, 6:32am
Ive never been a good cook, but i give it a good go
Ive got these veges
swede, carrot, leek, capsicum, cel-
ery, shallots, and garlic,
I bought some bacon bones and a small packet of soup mix.
If i chuck them in a pot and boil them all together will that make soup?
what kinds of herbs/spices do I add?
Also can i put cabbage in it ?
hope i get a reply !

karenz, May 24, 6:48am
Personally I would not put capsicum and cabbage in the soup. I find oregano and basil quite nice with a bacon bone based stock, just add a little at a time though, don't overdo it, and it might taste just as good just seasoned.

chikky, May 24, 7:34am
Oops too late . . although I didnt put the cabbage in ty Karenz can i use dried oregano and basil , tho I do have a jar of basil and parmesan stuff in the fridge.

chikky, May 24, 7:35am
It smells delish ... .

chikky, May 24, 11:41pm
it tastes Soouperb, cept next time i wont be so heavy handed with the cayenne pepper

calista, Jun 6, 11:02pm
Cayenne pepper makes a soup more warming

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