Condensation in vege boxes in F&P fridge

yduj, May 29, 5:24am
Ever since we bought the fridge new about 3 years ago - I have to lay paper towels in the bottom. What is it that's wrong?

kabbo, May 29, 5:34am
cant answer your question yduj, but great thread, coz we have this problem too. although our f&p fridge is about 20+ years old. so i would love to know why this happens also. our condensation turns into ice in the bottom of the trays! ! ! ! ! ! !

buzzy110, May 29, 5:42am
I wonder if you read the instruction booklet that came with the fridge regarding the vegetable bins. I haven't read one for many years, but my elephant brain certainly remembers this advice: "Place all your vegetables in separate plastic bags". This works for me. All vegetables give off moisture in the fridge so you are always going to get condensation if you don't put them into bags. Even in bags they get condensation but as you should be taking them in and out of the fridge and using them up regularly, you can also wipe or shake the excess moisture out the bags when you remove some of your vegetables.

Am I alone on this? Maybe I'll find my book and reread. I could be wrong.

yduj, May 29, 6:00am
Thanks buzzy, but I guess I felt I shouldn't have to use any bags, I don't as a rule buy any (saving the planet you know, but let's not go there). I know there are ridges in the bottom I guess for the water to lie, but it's all up the sides too. I remember at the time checking the book and I believe I followed their instructions, also checked the temperature.

Kabbo, I'd say yours is tooooo cold if the water is freezing!

motorbo, Jun 17, 2:08pm
i always clean it out once a week and have a teatowelline the bottom to help!