Anyone have good VEGETARIAN recipes to share?

msfit1, May 30, 6:48am
I can't afford the meat every night anymore. Help!

alebix, May 30, 7:08am
i just boil up a bag of spiral pasta, then add a can/jar of pasta sauce, add some vegies and serve, with sour cream and grated cheese.
Of course you can add any thing else you like. .

chickadee15, May 30, 9:10am
If you sign up to the weekly newsletters from this Auckland cafe they send you not only the most amazing recipes but lots of nutritional info also...

cgvl, May 30, 11:38pm
msfit, I do a spiral pasta, with a rasher of bacon, chopped onion and some finely diced or grated vegies through it, all mixed into a tin of chopped tomatoes. You don't need to buy the pasta sauce mixes.
Another which I don't enjoy but hubby does is the pasta tossed with tuna in either a cabonara type sauce or a tomato one.
Another option which I adore is fettucine pasta tossed in a mushroom cream sauce. Sauce is just saute'd mushrooms seasoned with salt and pepper, then when cooked add some cream to them and reduce to about half. You don't need a lot of cream either.
I have several other recipes that use nuts, grains and pulses but those are the quick easy ones.
I stretch meat a long way these days, out of 500g mince I can get at least 2 meals for 3 adults. These can be mince, spag bol, nacho's, hamburger patties and rissoles or meatballs. The same with schnitzel 1 piece will feed the 3 of us done as a stir fry. Most of my casserole recipes state 750g meat I use about ½ that and still have plenty.
A chicken will last 2 meals and do lunches as well.
Same with suasages 3 will make a meal, I grill them first then chop each into about 6 pieces and either do a curry, or casserole or make toad in the hole (a batter like yorkshire pudding) or you could make a sausage pie.
Sometimes we have to think outside the square when trying to be innovative on an extremely tight budget.

msfit1, May 31, 3:44am
thanks so much everybody. I will try each and every suggestion. It makes life easier when you can ask and get help. thanks again

ferita, Jun 22, 2:13pm
Egg fried rice is cheap and easy to make. I add peanuts to it as well to give some extra protein

Pasta is cheap and easy as well. Instead of using expensive premade pasta sauces make your own with some tinned tomatoes. Just brown some finely chopped onion add some garlic and a couple of tins of dice tomato, some mixed herbs and a spoon of sugar. Simmer this till its a nice sauce (about 20 mins) At the last minute stir through some frozen peas and mix through some pasta.

With the pasta sauce above you can add some kidney beans to it and a dash of chilli powder. Wrap this mixture in some tortillas. Put the tortillas in a small lasagna dish pour the leftover sauce over the top and sprinkle with cheese and bake. You have just made enchaladas. You can serve these on rice (the beans and rice make a complete protien).