Vegetarian Stock

vtorim, Sep 18, 6:36am
Can anyone recommend a really tasty "off the shelf" vegetable stock that is 100% vegetarian? Not necessary ones from the supermarket as I find them a bit "flat".

elliehen, Sep 18, 6:43am
From the supermarket, but you have to look for it :)

Massel Ultracube stock cubes (Vegetable), made in Australia - has an Aussie flag top left on the pack and is:
Natural (flavour profile is obtained solely from natural, vegetable ingredients)
No preservatives
Gluten free
Lactose free
Trans fat free
Cholesterol free
No animal content
No added MSG

Contains 10 cubes, makes 5 litres and is very flavoursome

vtorim, Sep 18, 6:52am
Brilliant thanks elliehen!

angie461, Sep 18, 6:55am
I use the Massells powder 1 tsp makes 2 cups and it is lovely.

angie461, Sep 18, 6:56am
Traiteurs in Merivale sell it. About $7.

elliehen, Sep 18, 7:05am
I buy Massel in New World supermarket for about $6.00.

vtorim, Mar 29, 12:46am
Awesome, thanks everyone!