Wellington Vegetarian cafes or Restaurants

johne21, Sep 26, 9:01pm
I am travelling to Wellington this weekend i am a vegetarian not vegan family are meat eaters anywhere nice to eat in Wellington I love all sorts of different food thanks for your help!!

michelle_09, Sep 27, 12:45am
bumping - I would like to know too. Commonsense Organics is a wee supermarket and have a lot of vegan approved food. But as for resturants/cafe i wouldn't know of many.

waipawa, Sep 27, 3:06am
I am vegetarian and like to go for lunch to the cheap Malaysian places in Ghuznee St and upper Cuba St. Esp the one (Malaysian Palace?) which is next to Aunty Mena's in Cuba St. But DON'T go to Aunty Mena's. I had the most disgusting alleged Gado-Gado there. Also avoid the busy-looking "McDonalds-style" Asian place across the road. It's cheap, but there are better places for that price.

I had the yummiest vegetarian pizza ever at a small Italian pizza place next to Molly Malone's on Courtenay Place (sorry don't recall the name). A bit pricey for what it was but damn it was good!

And the Hare Krishna restaurant in the BNZ centre would be worth a try. I have had HK food before and it is yummy!

The good thing about Wellington is that nowadays pretty much any restaurant will have decent vegetarian offerings. Also remember that Indian restaurants always have a good range of vegetarian dishes.

duckmoon, Sep 27, 5:13am
what about the kirshan restaurant in Taranaki Street... (opposite briscoes)???

eastie3, Apr 19, 6:05pm
If you're in Newtown,try Pranah on Riddiford st,a couple of blocks past the Hospital.Their food is wonderful.