I am not vegetarian but this was yummmm

samsara11, Jul 1, 5:53am
Went to Winemaker's Daughter at Te Horo for lunch and they had the most divine spicy nut burgers. Does anyone have a good recipe for the patties. They were very spicy. I have looked on TM cooks but nothing there

margyr, Jul 1, 7:44am
have you tried google?

uli, Jul 1, 8:05am
Why not ask Winemaker's Daughter at Te Horo for their recipe?

motorbo, Jul 1, 8:27am
or you can try cusine mag or foodtown mag they will ask for the recipe on your behalf - if you get it please share :)

samsara11, Jul 1, 9:10am
Yes, I did google but the recipes that came up were nothing like. If I do manage to get it, I will happily share but they did not seem too eager to share with me

samsara11, Sep 22, 11:49am
Thanks Elliehen. What a great selection of recipes.