Good Filler recipe for chicken wraps?

dgmossman, May 30, 3:14am
Anyone got a good recipe for a sauce/marinade for the filler of a chicken wrap?

fisher, May 30, 6:35am
Cook your chicken breast in butter , a little white pepper, few drops of olive oil and some very fine chopped fresh tarragon. . Spoon the butter over the top, turning as required . . Once cooked, slice in long slivers and place on top of some lettuce leaves in your wraps. . gently heat some cream cheese mixed with some tasty cheese until just melted... (add a little tabasco to this is you want a little heat) and pour over the chicken strips. . Dry fry some sliced mushrooms and spread over the chicken. . few slices of red onion and diced tomato. . season as required. . Roll the wrap up and devour...

alebix, May 30, 7:06am
i use canned of jars of sweet n sour sauce, butter chicken etc... .

sandra22, May 31, 6:50am
If you make up a Butter Chicken recipe you can easily fill wraps with it and they will taste delicious.

600g x Boneless Chicken cut in 2cm cubes
1 x Packet of Butter Chicken Spice Mix
3 x Tablespoons Butter
1 x Medium Onion - finely chopped
135g x Tomato Paste
300ml x Cream
150ml x Milk

> Melt butter in a pan & cook onion until translucent.
> Add chicken & fry for about 3 mins.
> Add the Butter Chicken Spice Mix, stir
> Stir in the tomato paste & cream and mix well.
> Simmer for 10 minutes or until cooked.

Spoon into wrap, add some rice too or a bit of salad. Yum!

fisher, Jun 23, 4:00am
Talk about blatant advertising. . ! ! ! ! ! ! 1

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