Bland chicken fettuccine I cooked tonight

cottagerose, Jan 17, 6:45am
Where did I go wrong? I used 1 clove garlic,onion,mushrooms,ham, chicken breasts and cream and it tasted like something was missing. Actually it was tasteless

kiwibubbles, Jan 17, 6:47am
salt and pepper?

darlingmole, Jan 17, 6:55am
where were the Italian herbs? Like parsely, basil, oregeno, rosemary or any combination of them?I also find a dollop of cream or cream cheese, may be a splash of white wine makes if taste just that little bit more decadent

antmannz, Jan 17, 8:03am
Egg, parmesan, pepper

sam284, Jan 17, 8:22am
Dijon mustard is good for giving it a little more oomph too.

crails, Jan 17, 8:55am
Fried bacon is what was missing, ham is just not the same

seniorbones, Jan 17, 9:24am
white wine and parmesan cheese gives it a kick. And I use grainy mustard in most things, even when I mash the potatoes! and parsley.

cottagerose, Jan 18, 4:58am
Thats what my husband said but I just thought, like he knows anything about cooking. lol

cottagerose, Jan 18, 4:59am
Thankyou everyone. Ive printed this pageand will try the variations

uli, Jan 18, 5:33am
you missed out the fried bacon, salt and chilli as well as the Italian herbs ... no wonder it was tasteless.

kate777, Feb 9, 6:00pm
I'm assuming you sauteed the garlic, onions, mushrooms and ham first? They can be tasteless if you don't do that first, and just add the cream to them.

Also, did you throw in a heap of salt to the fettucine when cooking it?

Season the cream after adding it to the sauteed stuff?

Having said that, pretty much everyone above is right, bacon insterad of ham, use some herbs in with the sauteed stuff and white wine does make it taste a lot sharper. I always stir some grated parmesan into the final sauce or over the top too. Oh and dry fried pinenuts.