NE1 here successfully cooked corn cob in microwave

puppetman, Apr 8, 9:53pm
I am thinking to try this for fun. Anyone tried it? How did you do it? I have found maybe 6 different ways. Wanting to hear first hand experience. :)

micky_1, Apr 8, 9:54pm
I do it all the time in their husks two minutes per cob....

maximus44, Apr 8, 10:13pm
So do I. Best way to cook corn.

pickles7, Apr 8, 10:15pm
A bit late for fresh corn, how old is it????

puppetman, Apr 8, 10:16pm
The way I read it is, do you have to wrap it in paper with water on the paper or something, or just straight in there?

puppetman, Apr 8, 10:16pm
(It's the last of the fresh corn... Can't believe I missed the whole season, loland no, it's not the rotten corn people love up north... ):)

cgvl, Apr 8, 11:28pm
I just put the corn in unhusked, zap it, then when cool enough to handle husk it, slather in butter and eat.

winnie15, Apr 9, 1:30am
i do 3 mins in m/wave unhusked

harrislucinda, Apr 10, 1:19am
ido10 min from frozenwithhuskson

gilligee, Apr 10, 2:26am
3 minutes here too.

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