Scrambled eggs made in the microwave?

noonesgirl, Jan 3, 11:05pm
just made some but the amount isn't as much as when I cook on the stove. Anyone know why?

lx4000, Jan 4, 12:46am
when on the stove, you move it around so there is more air in it to make it more fluffy I would guess.


0800xford, Jan 4, 12:50am
i do mine covered and they are relatively 'fluffy' i suppose.

noonesgirl, Jan 4, 12:50am
Sounds sensible. Read somewhere too, to use water intead of milk?

badz(or)madz, Jan 4, 12:59am
cook for a short time, then mix and cook some more will help

suzanna, Jan 4, 1:22am
It's a bit of a pain but if you cook them on low at three minute intervals stirring gently between each one then you'll have deliciously creamy addictive scrambled eggs. Sometimes I use milk and sometimes water and whenever I can I use cream.I guess sort of like my Grandmother's were when she made them using the double boiler/hot water method. MMmm with snipped chives and hot buttered toast.

jbsouthland, Jan 4, 1:57am
I believe its always small amount of water in an omelette....scrambled eggs is milkand if they go watery its because cooked too long.

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