Crumb chicken but no eggs

shelley39, Feb 7, 12:50am
I want crumbed chicken for tea but have no eggs. Is there anything else i can use. Thanks

pericles, Feb 7, 12:53am

gerry64, Feb 7, 1:15am
do you have any plain yoghurt - this is way better than eggs for crumbing

jan2242, Feb 7, 1:19am
or mayonnaise - have used this before and was ok

sue1955, Feb 7, 1:35am
I never use eggs - to icky tohandle so I cover chicken or snitz in flour then milk then the breadcrumbs.

uli, Feb 7, 4:48am
Eggs are "too icky to handle"?
Good God!

fisher, Feb 7, 5:21am
If you had some "Coat and Cook " you could just wet your chicken and roll in that.. very nice... but I suppose you don't, so your would have to go to the supermarket to buy it, so may as well get eggs and do what you normally do...:]
You could just flour them and roll in stock powder.

pogram0, Feb 7, 7:39am
I just run the meat under the tap, let the excess water drain off and then place the meat into the breadcrumbs.I haven't used eggs for this purpose for many years.

uli, Feb 7, 8:45am
Nah - not possible fisher cause eggs are "too icky to handle" ....

sue1955, Feb 7, 9:03am
Gee, Uli, you just don't have a sense of humour do you?

charsmum, Feb 7, 9:12pm
Just make a flour @ water mix with salt or other seasonings .Use to dip in then bread crumbs.Do not have it to thick.Some bakeries I used to work in used this, for meatballs.Lyn..

crails, Feb 7, 10:46pm
Unsweetend yoghurt can be used

gerry64, Feb 7, 11:52pm
I agree crails - I use yoghurt all the time now - especially nice with chicken as it retains its moisture - great for pork chops as well

wasgonna, Mar 31, 11:17pm
You're right fisher, "Coat and Cook" must be the best invention since shells around eggs to stop them being icky. Fast and simple and what a neat flavour to all cuts of meat. Brilliant.