Chow chow pickle v piccadilli

korbo, Feb 10, 6:05pm
what excatly is the difference of these 2. ? ?
has anyone a really great family recipe for a mustard pickle with cauliflower in it. Have found a few in recipe books, but some have beans, and other vegs. dont mind the onions and cucumbers.
my nana used to make it and it had a bright yellow look. thanks.

margyr, Feb 10, 6:59pm
my sister makes it and to get the bright yellow look she uses food colouring.

fisher, Feb 10, 9:54pm

wellygoggles, Feb 10, 10:13pm
I've always wondered what the difference between the two is too! Let's hope someone knows.

rog.e, Feb 10, 10:32pm
CHOW_CHOW is an American pickled relish made from a combination of vegetables. Often green and/or red tomatoes, onions, cabbage, carrots, beans, asparagus, cauliflower and peas are used. These ingredients are pickled in a canning jar and served cold.

British piccalilli contains various vegetables— invariably cauliflower and vegetable marrow —and seasonings of mustard and turmeric. It is used as an accompaniment to foods such as sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, cheese, tomatoes, beer. It is similar to a sweet pickle such as Branston Pickle except that it is tangier and less sweet, coloured bright yellow (using turmeric) rather than brown, the chunks are larger, and it is usually used to accompany a dish on a plate rather than as a bread spread. It is popular as a relish with cold meats such as ham and brawn, and with a ploughman's lunch. It is produced both commercially and domestically - the latter product being a traditional mainstay of Women's Institute and farmhouse product stalls.

With thanks to Wikipedia.

korbo, Feb 11, 9:02am
geez rog. e, that is great. some jars you buy from the shops, seem to be quite whizzed up(make sense), and some chunky.
I like the idea of food colouring to get the colour. I used green food colouring when making my gerkin relish and it looks great. would like some recipes please if anyone has them for the above no 1 post. thanks.

gojojo2, Feb 11, 9:17am
Edmonds cook book is great. Also agree with fisher, tumeric yellows food well

korbo, Aug 9, 5:11pm
made my mustard pickle today, lots of cauli, onion, beans and cucumbers, and some peppers. followed an old recipe and it is very yummy. wished i had put the food colouring in tho, as it went kinda darker when cool. did 1/2 with the veges in, then got out the stick blender and now have some jars, nice and smooth. couldve perhaps used more mustard. have found the other brands, not the ones been around for years, dont have quite the same strenght of flavour. did you know homebrand curry powder(extremly low taste) has cornstarch in it. all other curry powders dont... ... .

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