Boiling potatoes - what to add to make them nice?

courtney2004, May 18, 5:47am
Needing to know what sauce or something I could put over boiled potoates (they are boiling with skins on for tea now).
Any ideas would be great a sauce or something.

fisher, May 18, 5:59am
soften some butter (not melt) mix in some masterfoods onion salt and some fine chopped parsley... serve up spuds with a knob of butter on top of each...

alebix, May 18, 6:00am
or use garlic marg/butter... .

I also use garlic and herb salt. . yum. .

redrose, May 18, 6:46am
white sauce and toasted breadcrumbs

sherralynne, May 18, 7:08am
Sprinkle with some lemon pepper after cooking

kamitchell, May 18, 7:26am
I like sour cream, parsley & butter all mixed in together, with a good dose of salt & pepper

perle, May 18, 7:41am
ok... what im about to tell you is the best ever... cabonara pasta sauce, the one in the pottle from supermarket, frescarini do one, so does signature range. Heat this gently in a saucepan, add grated cheese, heat till cheese is melted. . This is divine! on potatoes! ! cheesy bacony creamy goodness :)

beaker59, May 18, 7:51am
Best thing to put in is the best quality potatoes and the right variety.

wahinetoa62, May 18, 7:57am
toss in some olive oil... I love the olive oil with rosemary added... . hmmm yummy

parryduck, May 15, 4:03pm
Squeeze of Wasabi gives a whole new experience. yum!

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