What yeast to use for baking bread in oven

traderbron, May 17, 9:53pm
I want to start making bread in the oven, I went to the supermarket and there were two types of yeast. One was granulated and the other was powdery. Which one do I buy? Thanks.

cookessentials, May 17, 10:01pm
I prefer the granulated which is just yeast, whereas the "Surebake" is a mixture of yeast and other "improvers"

cookessentials, May 17, 10:31pm
Edmonds Surebake is a blend of active dry yeast and bread improvers to make breadmaking easy. Recommended for breadmaking and use in breadmaking machines. ...

harrislucinda, May 17, 11:03pm
dryyeast granularsyou haveto addwarmmilkorwaterandletstandfor afewminswherethepowderedyoujustaddstraight totheflour

traderbron, May 17, 11:07pm
Thanks for that. Which gives a better loaf?

cookessentials, May 17, 11:45pm
six of one half a dozen of the other. I just prefer something without the improvers personally. And, in fact, if I could get fresh yeast, I would prefer that.

tixy, May 18, 2:12am
The bakery department of lots of New Worlds sell compressed yeast. It cost about $0. 90c for 100gms and it can be frozen.

cookessentials, May 19, 1:50am
Thanks tixy, I do prefer fresh compressed yeast to the dried whn i can get it.

tixy, May 19, 3:05am
Hi Pam - I find my bread is a bit heavier when I use compressed, but that doesn't really bother us too much. Can you not access it easily? Have you tried supermarket bakery departments?

cookessentials, May 18, 4:20pm
No, did not think of that, but will see what NW Masterton has.

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