Dry yeast

seniorbones, Feb 7, 6:36am
Is that just the edmond yeast in the jar?

ibcreative, Feb 7, 6:37am
I would think so.

wron, Feb 7, 6:43am
Or maybe it's the dry stuff in sachets?

seniorbones, Feb 7, 6:45am
it is the annabel langbein 'busy peoples bread' recipe I want to make for a bbq this weekend and its says 7 tsp dry yeast granules, maybe I should watch the dvd and see what she uses!!

lilyfield, Feb 7, 6:58am
7 tsp-- that is one hell of a lot of yeast.

pickles7, Feb 7, 7:26am
yeah it is, but that is the amount she uses.. It looks a bit solid too, for that amount of yeast

uli, Feb 7, 8:47am
Will produce something terrible - most likely she will tell you to prove in "a warm place" too. Not at all how a good bread comes to be. Use 1 teaspoon yeast max and leave in a warm place only for half hour or so - then into the fridge. Much nicer loaf I guarantee!

buzzy110, Feb 7, 10:48am
I'm confused. I thought all the yeast sold in little bottles and sachets in the baking section of the supermarket were dried yeast. Am I correct?

And then I thought yeast that comes in little foil packages and is kept in the fridge or freezer, is fresh yeast. Am I correct.

Now here is where it gets even more confusing. They are all made by different companies. Some companies make several types and they are identified by a different colour lid. Everyone on here has a preference for one or the other of any of these different brands and coloured lids. One brand has improvers, that I have learned have not only yeast but baking soda, improvers and a whole lot of other things, not usually found in yeast.

Would someone please explain to me all the differences. I'm pulling my hair out because I thought yeast is yeast, like baking powder is baking powder and sugar is sugar. And if yeast is yeast, what difference does it make what colour the damn lid on the jar that holds it is?

lythande1, Feb 7, 7:25pm
Fresh yeast comes in a block and looks a bit like wet soap.
Dried yeast is just that - dry. Granules usually, regardless of whether it comes in jars or sachets.
Yes, yeast is yeast. Mostly. Surebake has other stuff in it which is why I don't like it, had better results with plain yeast. I've tried fresh and dried.

buzzy110, Feb 7, 11:19pm
Thank you lythandel for cutting through all the confusion and spelling it out clearly and simply. I have never had any success at all using yeast, fresh or granulated so thought there must be something else about all the yeasts that had been eluding me all these years.

Maybe now I'll be able to make a decent croissant, which has been eluding me thus far, especially as I only use wild yeasts, that I grew myself.

gardie, Feb 8, 6:14am
And the sachets (Edmonds brand) are instant yeast - like surebake.Active yeast(the yellow lid I think) needs to be 'activated' that is, mixed with warm water and sugar and left till it bubbles before using.Surebake and instant yeast sachets are just popped in with the mix.

seniorbones, Apr 2, 5:58am
And if yeast is yeast, what difference does it make what colour the damn lid on the jar that holds it is?

buzzy110 (64 )11:48 pm, Mon 7 Feb

just checked the recipe and it is 7 tsps of yeast but its 5 cups of flour and it makes two loaves, I didnt mention anything about the colour of the lid?