Anyone got a non yeast bread recipe?

alby100, Jan 18, 5:50am
I've got flour, baking powder, baking soda, milk, butter, and water?

uli, Jan 18, 5:59am
you could make an Irish soda bread - not like a real yeast bread - so expect a different texture:

alby100, Jan 18, 6:03am
thanks, looks good...

Is bicarbonate of soda the same as baking soda?

I've never made bread...

uli, Jan 18, 6:06am
Yes it is.

uli, Jan 18, 6:07am
I have never made bread with baking powder - so no idea how it would taste. I prefer yeast or sourdough myself.

alby100, Jan 18, 6:15am
thanks again...

beaker59, Jan 18, 7:13am
Tastes like scones cos thats what it is pretty much.

elliehen, Feb 10, 12:57am
Not at all like a scone.

Here's an authentic recipe for Irish Soda Bread from an Irishwoman.