herika, May 17, 7:48pm
Hi, I just read of post of yours mentioning you had a migraine. I just thought Id tell you that I used to suffer from migraines but then I discovered Feverfew. I take one tablet a day, as a preventative, and I havent had a migraine since taking the first tablet! That was around 30 years ago! They are safe to take long term, and are reasonably priced. Buy from your local health shop. All the best :)

malcovy, May 17, 8:27pm
I read years ago to have a small leaf of feverfew on a small piece of bread, that has vegemite spread on it to disguise the taste of the herb. The lady who is a NZer wrote the book and she raved in a good way about feverfew for headaches or migraines. Pills would be much more convenient and quicker.

margyr, May 17, 9:10pm
i will 2nd feverfew, had a couple of bottles of them a few years ago and apart from a couple of very mild migraines have not had a bad one since, also find taking a couple of disprin help.

valentino, May 17, 9:20pm
It is scientifically proven that "Feverfew" has a strike rate of 70% against Migraines.

The Vegemite (or marmite) is the recommended way, just make the the half sandwhich as noted above, and chomp it down without any thoughts of tastes, about an hour to an hour and a half and a nice cool flush goes through one's body then everything is totally cleared.

My daughter used this for other very irritating pains as well.


cookessentials, May 17, 9:39pm
Morning Herika, thanks so much for that. yes I had read about feverfew a while back. I have found that peanuts tend to give me migraines - more of an intolerance because i can have them and be fine, but if I continued and had too many ( or peanut butter) I can get a real doozy, so I do steer away from them for the most part. Luckily, I do not get them very often - about a year ago was the last time. I used to get them frequently. I think it would be a good idea to have some on hand and take them as you do, as a preventative. Any particular brand you take Herika?

cookessentials, May 13, 6:13pm
Not that i had any peanuts this time around LOL. Although, I did have a couple of glasses of wine on Saturday night and I know that certain ones can give me a nasty headache, so I steer clear of those ones, however, this was one that was given to me.