WEDDING CAKES.............

k9homes, May 16, 8:42am
right ladies i need all the help here! im going to attempt to make our wedding cake, i am quite creative but im need all the tips i can get. the cake will be 3 tier, white iced with black decorations ( flowers probably ) and ribbon similar to the pics i will post in a minute. They are all different but i am pinching ieads from each. so if you have any advice, tips on where to buy decorations, anything please feel free to add them :) thanks

k9homes, May 16, 8:44am
http://images. jp

http://images. jp

sikofstuf, May 16, 8:50am
hi, any info you need on putting it all together- recipes etc, can all be found on the 'wilton' website- they are the big cake making mecca of the states! But as far as supplies- woolworths or countdown are the cheapest for pettinice icing, but all the rest- cant go past Sandra, at kiwicakes, she's got the kiwicakes website- but also lists heaps on stuff on trademe- she was brilliant when I first started out! Also- I'm happy to answer any questions- just ask on my listings if u like?

sikofstuf, May 16, 8:52am
oh- and stick with the white with black decorations- dont try and start out doing the other way around- there's a lot more to black icing than you think! hehe- just a heads up!

k9homes, May 16, 8:56am
thankyou so much, think hubbys looking forward to the 'trial' tasting lol :) and i prefer white icing so will stick to that! thanks heaps for your advice- wish me luck!

k9homes, May 16, 8:57am
hey also i just looked at your lisitings and realised i had just put one of your cakes in my watchlist lol. i love that cake! so cute!

sikofstuf, May 16, 9:00am
hehe- which one? Hey, I'm happy to share recipes, if you wanta try em on him! I love helping people into the decorating side of it- my way of 'giving back' coz I just love it! There's a few tricks to the trade to- things you pick up along the way- so just holla if you need anything! ! ! Oh- my BIG tip- DONT use icing sugar with your fondant- going sticky, use cornflour! ! ! ! ! !

k9homes, May 8, 4:00pm
hey can you flick me and email you'll find me easily. that would be very helpful thankyou!