Couliflower chow chow pickle

muttly, May 15, 6:46am
Has any body got a simple pickle using couliflower please

margyr, May 15, 6:50am
cauliflower pickle from another thread, by another member; Cauliflower Pickle (Aunt Daisy)
Cut up finely 1 large cauli & 4 large onions. Sprinkle with salt & leave overnight. Strain. Boil for 20 mins in 1 quart vinegar.
Thickening: 1/2c flour, 1&1/2 teacups golden syrup, 1/2TBSP curry, 1/2TBSP turmeric, 2 dessertspoons mustard mixed with 1 pint of vinegar. Heat till thick, then stir into other ingredients. Boil a further 5 mins. Bottle when cold.
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cgvl, May 6, 3:01am
muttly rinse your cauliflower and any other vegies you use after you salt them. ie before you put themon to cook otherwise you will end up with a very salty unsavoury and often inedible pickle.

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