Salmon in the microwave

stormbaby, May 12, 5:32am
Help! My Mum stayed with us for a few weeks until she died a few weeks ago. Normally if I have a cooking problem, I just ring her, sadly can't do that anymore. She had some salmon here, and I don't eat it. It was frozen and I have defrosted it. Daughter wants it tonight. I can't remember how long we used to microwave it for. We just used the little white Tupperware Microwave dishes with the grid in the bottom, popped the little salmon steak in. I can't remember what she used to put in, was it vinegar or similar, and how long.

245sam, May 12, 5:47am
Sorry to read about your Mum stormbaby.
Re the salmon: we grill our fresh salmon but if I was to microwave it I think I'd squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice over the salmon and then add either some freshly ground black pepper or a light sprinkle of lemon pepper seasoning - especially if I'd used lemon juice.

Hope that helps. :-))

stormbaby, Apr 23, 6:01pm
Yup, that helps. We are going to do the lemon juice, olive oil and garlic (been googling! ). Unsure of time but will try a minute to start with. Ta!