Where can I buy cooking apples in Auckland

chrisp24, Oct 7, 10:38am
Does anybody know where I can buy cooking apples in Auckland/North Shore area. I know it's not apple season yet, but it would be nice to know where I can get them when they are in season. I have started to preserve stewed apples like my grandfather use to do when I was a child. He grew his own apples in his yard which were cooking apples. I have tried looking for cooking apples in supermarkets, green grocer stores to no avail and had to resort to buying eating apples instead. I know that cooking apples would taste so much better stewed than eating apples. Thanks.

nzdoug, Oct 7, 10:51am
What type

dibble35, Oct 7, 5:54pm
Maybe some of the markets or do you have a local orchard that has a fruit shop attached anywhere (may have to travel for that one!) Up here in Whangarei we have Huanui orchards which grow a lot of fruit, they must sell 10+ different varieties of apples from the on site shop plus they are always at the Saturday markets. Not much help to you I know but maybe if you have no luck locally they may courier you down a box?

petal1955, Oct 7, 6:51pm
Granny Smith make good cooking applea

socram, Oct 8, 2:59am
Sorry, but Granny Smiths are not cooking apples. They are too sweet and firm when cooked . I'd guess that OP wants a sour apple, which is what an apple sauce for pork should be, not a sweet sauce.

A good cooking apple tends to 'mush' down and with a dollop of golden syrup, (stewed apple) precooked, before using in an apple pie.

If you have never used a Bramley or similar cooking apple before, you'd probably not realise the difference. I'd be interested in finding a North Shore source (no pun intended) too.

cgvl, Oct 8, 3:18am
I have Monty's surprise apples which early in the season tend to go to mush when cooked. In fact I prefer them as cooking apples rather than eating. I cook them with no sugar or sweetener so they can be used for all sorts of things.

paora-tm, Oct 8, 4:48am
Well, I agree with you even if someone else doesn't AND I even sweeten it AND don't personally know anyone who prefers it to be unsweetened. They always fluff up for me - not still firm after cooking, at all. :)

holly-rocks, Oct 8, 5:18am
Im not from Auckland but I recommend Peasgood nonsuch apples, they make such good cooking apples! Im lucky enough to have a tree in our orchid and the apples are so large im surprised the branches dont break!

sherrydog, Oct 19, 7:12am
Are Braeburn apples cooking apples? In Countdown at the moment.

kirbstone, Oct 19, 8:05am
where is a woodworking store in the South Island who sells wood turning chisels

kirbstone, Oct 19, 8:06am
Where can I purchase wood turning Chisels in the South Island peferably in the Invercargill area

arielbooks, Oct 19, 6:33pm
Granny Smiths 99c kg at sunhill st johns rd meadowbank

kaddiew, Oct 19, 7:24pm
They're just sweet enough for eating, and definitely have enough bite for cooking. And they don't mush up like Granny Smiths

kaddiew, Oct 19, 7:26pm
I agree with you. Granny Smiths are definitely cooking apples, do need sweetening, and do fluff/mush up.

meoldchina, Dec 13, 4:59pm
Kirbstone - try asking in the Gardening & DIY message board. There are some very helpful people there.

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