Can I bottle Apples???

sailze, Sep 7, 6:22am
I have a big bag of apples I have frozen some stewed apple. But was wondering if I am able to put them into jars like peaches etc And how do I as I have never bottled fruit before

elliehen, Sep 7, 6:27am
It's a pain, and doesn't give you a better result than stewing and freezing.If you've got room in your freezer, I'd use easy-stack ice-cream containers with stewed apple.

Apples will also last for ages in the fridge, or even in a cold room.

gardie, Sep 7, 6:50am
I disagree with elliehen I'm afraid.To bottle my apples, I just stew them then pop them into hot sterilized jars then pop the lids on while hot.They are so much more convenient to use that frozen ones esp. when you make a last minute decision to use some.

Freezing stewed apples also makes them break down a little more whereas bottled apples don't.

Just make sure that your jars are sterile.Wash and put wet jars into your oven and heat for a while - I'm sure you could google exactly what to do.Make sure you use them hot.

sailze, Sep 7, 7:13am
Thanks heaps got about 15kgs so will give the bottling a go have the jars and I agree gardie it would be more convenient in bottles, and doesnt sound hard to dothanks that will be the job for tomorrow.

pickles7, Sep 7, 8:46pm
freezing is great if you can give up the freezer space to fruit. After all we run a freezer , may as well use it. Bottled apples are very handy, I usually bottle some, but this year, Ifell upon peaches for $1.00 a kilo, picked ready to bottle. I chose Peaches, over apples. I will say I wished I did a few bottles of apples though. We can still buy apples for $1.00 a kilo here, I may yet bottle some. It is a problem when we have pork, having to remember to cook apples, over opening a jar. lol.
When I bottle apples I take the cloves out before putting them in the jars, and pour boiling water over the top before putting the tops on.

jamiemew, Sep 7, 8:55pm
yip i bottle them for an easy topping on cereal for the kids. very easy!
just peel, core, cut and stew. i stew them in i think aprox 1 cup sugar to 2 cups water. (the edmonds cook book has the correct measurements) if you want a thicker sugar syrup you can do 2 cups to 2cups etc.... but as its mainly for the kids i find they dont need the extra sugar lol
i make sure the jars are washed then sterilised i then have the crock pot full of very hot water and leave them in this (my grandma uses her sink) then i bottle them like any other fruit! i also did fejoas and manderines this year as had far toooooo many to eat. they both have lasted really well.

twinsforus, Mar 7, 12:56am
I bottle stewed apple, I did it for the first time last year using the edmonds cook book for instruction and have only had 1-2 jars not seal properly (and that was due to the lids not my technique!!)
I don't add sugar to my apples and they taste fine!