Preserving tomatoes - other than freezing.

dibble35, Dec 29, 4:24am
For the last 3-4 years i've used a lot of my surplus tomatoes up by making tomato Kasundi. But i dont really eat much of it myself and give the vast majority of it away. I also freeze some of the chopped or cherry tomatoes for using in casseroles, pasta dishes etc but I have a small freezer so cant do a huge amount. Has anyone got a recipe for bottling tomatoes (jars) that I could try, TIA. I realise I could just google it, but if anyone has a good tasty recipe id appreciate it.

korbo, Dec 29, 4:32am
Please, what is Kasundi?
Tomato relish, Pasta sauce, Tomato sauce. plenty of recipes you can use them.
I once bottled tomatoes, but too fidly and wern't a great sucess

dibble35, Dec 29, 5:14am
Its a relish made with Indian spices. Really nice, going by all the comments i get and the way my brother in Law scoffs it down - apparently he will sit and eat it by the spoonful straight out of the jar, it doesnt last very long . LOL.

petal1955, Dec 29, 6:41pm
How about doing sun dried tomatoes ?

jan2242, Dec 29, 7:49pm

samanya, Dec 30, 12:30am
I turn a lot of my tomatoes into this
I freeze it in flattened plastic bags which don't take up much room stacked & it's easy to break off the amount you need. I can't see why it couldn't be put in jars with air tight seals. You can make it into soup or pizza/pasta sauce . very useful mixture to have on hand.

cottagerose, Dec 30, 2:01am
Do you use nigella seeds or cumin seeds?

lythande1, Dec 30, 2:16am
Make puree instead

dibble35, Dec 30, 2:18am
The spices in the one I make are black mustard seed, tumeric powder, ground cumin, chilli powder, garlic, ginger and fresh chillis.

fifie, Dec 30, 3:17am
i do the same, love this its so tasty and useful. Sometimes if i have a few jars i use them stick a jam cover on hot jar,and screw the lid on tight keeps in the pantry fine for winter.

dibble35, Nov 9, 6:54pm
Thanks, will have to try a batch of this, if I like it I can always do more!

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