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clair4, Sep 19, 6:38am
Not a recipe, but my cups are so stained as I have black tea and have tried to get them clean to no avail. Any suggestions? I have tried lemon juice. I know you can use Janola, but I am trying to avoid that. Thanks for any advice.

dibble35, Sep 19, 6:42am
Salt scrubbed around with a slightly damp sponge/cloth is a really good abrasive and removes tea stains.

jenwren26, Sep 19, 6:44am
Chemico works like magic! Don't even have to rub hard.

botim, Sep 19, 6:44am
I use a damp "magic white" sponge= from the $2 shops.

frances1266, Sep 19, 6:50am
Bicarb of soda works well

clair4, Sep 19, 7:10am
Thanks. I will give the soda a try first as I prefer natural products,. I now have ideas to try should the soda not work. Thanks all.

kay141, Sep 19, 7:21am
Denture tablets work without any effort, so I have been told.

ks1968, Sep 19, 7:50am
I second the salt. it really works!

daarhn, Sep 19, 9:58am
Jiff or similar paste all the time every time even on my mug used exclusively for coffee. Comes up sparkling clean.

lidbud, Sep 19, 11:06am

jano8, Sep 19, 7:12pm
this ! quick n easy .

lythande1, Sep 19, 7:24pm
Wash using your usual dishwash liquid and a goldilocks scrubber.
Guess you don't have a dishwasher. they clean that out easily.
But the goldilocks method works perfectly.

rainrain1, Sep 19, 8:17pm
Makes you wonder what's going on in your insides doesn't it, you can't get the goldilocks etc down in there. well you could, but with very poor results I would say.

petal1955, Sep 19, 9:10pm
Bleach is great I have a container with dilated bleach and water and pop cups and teaspoons in there regularly and wash by hand in hot soapy water

mrscat, Sep 19, 9:20pm
Sterident, fill the cup with water and a few tablespoons of Sterident. When one is clean I tip solution into the next cup.

sarahb5, Sep 20, 2:12am
I use janola and then put them in the dishwasher

autumnwinds, Sep 20, 6:20am
. "a few tablespoons of Sterident". ? !
Crikey, you must have an unlimited budget!

A rub with a little salt, or bicarb of soda if it's out on the bench, is the cheapest and most effective. Takes just seconds.

meoldchina, Sep 20, 11:18pm
I have found that once mugs start to stain they will always stain and you will be forever having to "treat" them with whatever method you choose from the above suggestions. Unfortunately, the modern mugs have a thin glaze that scratches and becomes porous within a short time. Some of my best mugs (Mason's Ironstone and Wedgwood), are over 30 years old and never stain despite daily use. The "Made in China", Briscoes mugs soon start to stain.

lythande1, Sep 20, 11:23pm
Your insides are not made of white china

rainrain1, Sep 20, 11:47pm

buzzy110, Sep 20, 11:48pm
Good point. My German crockery (Thomas, Hutchenruther and Arzeberg) never stains either and I could never understand why other people's cups did. Now I know why.

You can snap up great bargains of the suggested crockery in Op shops as children dispose of their deceased parent's house lots without understanding what they are getting rid of and TM. I got mine (24 place settings) at an auction 45 years ago for next to nothing when I was too poor to buy from a shop, the local Crown Lynn seconds shops wasn't selling full sets of white crockery and places like Briscoes weren't operating. I added bits & pieces when I found them cheap. TM has been a real boon in that respect.

lilyfield, Sep 21, 12:39am
That is. crazy expensice when 1 teesp of janola will do poured from one cuü to the next- in hot water- done in no time

pugswal, Sep 21, 2:39am
The white Magic Sponges are the best. No chemicals; just wipe around the inside with the damp sponge and the stains are gone. $2 shops, supermarket, Bunnings all have them. Great for removing fly spots off walls - oh, all sorts of cleaning.

dibble35, Sep 21, 4:44am
Baby wipes are good for fly spots as well, had to do a whole disgusting ceiling of it once - so much fly crap, it was unbelievable.

korbo, Sep 21, 5:55am
. yes I use the white sponges, also find them good on white plastic chopping boards I think it is something in the tea bag, as when we used tea leaves we never had this problem.

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