Plum Jelly blooper

kaddiew, Jan 9, 1:46am
Last summer I overcooked a batch of plum jelly, turning it into bouncy rubber. This time I've been too cautious and probably undercooked it, and I doubt it's going to firm up enough once the jars are cold. It's also turned out more than a bit too tart (the way I like it) for the intended recipient.

Can I a) chuck it all back in the pot and boil further, and if yes, can I b) add a little more sugar with the 2nd boil. and c) add a splash of the lemon juice I can't recall adding at the start?


kaddiew, Jan 9, 2:50am
Never mind. I should've googled first. It seems I can try all that if needed.

dibble35, Jan 9, 5:49am
I made bouncy rubber 'Jelly' the first time I tried to make it. In fact i may have gone one step further, it was like toffee, it was delicious and i did start to eat it (as toffee like substance) nearly pulled a filling or 2.
Two winters ago i planted a crab apple tree called ballerina Samba - has beautiful deep reddy/purple fruit. I'm hoping when i finally get enough fruit to make jelly it'll keep this gorgeous colour.

kaddiew, Jan 9, 8:12am
I've been jam making for 50 years, but haven't done a lot of jelly making, and it shows!

My daughter has the Ballerina Samba and thought it was a plum tree. It came with the house and since they're not gardeners at all, they just ignore it. Last summer I managed to get just enough fruit to make 2 tiny pots of jelly, and it was heavenly.

dibble35, Nov 6, 11:00am
Thats great. Mine has maybe 12 fruit on it this year which i should pull off so the tree will grow and not the fruit. But I cant bring myself to do so. Its not growing particularly quickly, the soils a bit poor where I planted it, but i've been feeding it well so hopefully in a few years it'll be a decent size. (and decent amount of fruit!)

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