Recipes with Sausages

vixen09, May 12, 12:49am
We are having sausages for dinner and am after ideas for something different to do with them any ideas appreciated thanks in advance

rainrain1, May 12, 12:55am
1lb sausages (brown first)
1 med onion (chopped)
1 large grated carrot
Mix to a paste:-
2 Tblsp flour
4 Tblsp Tomato sauce
1 dsp sugar
1 tsp curry powder
2 cups boiling water
Pour over sausages and vegetables in casserole

245sam, May 12, 12:55am
vixen09, try doing a search here on this Trademe MB using e. g. 'sausages' as the Keyword and 'Anytime' as the Date posted option - hopefully you'll find the "something different" you're wantingfrom those earlier threads but it may also be helpful if we knew what you usually "do with them" (the sausages). :-))

vixen09, May 12, 12:58am
We usually have devilled, curried or with potatoes and gravy, Im not very creative and not the best cook

crystalmoon, May 12, 1:33am
I always like to do the stuffed sausages now and again for change. Cook some potato? kumara/Pumkin what ever mash you like. Mash up with seasoning and milk. Put aside. Pre cook sausages if raw. Slice lenghtwise down the middle. Spoon a nice relish into bottom of sausage, spoon or pipe mash over the top and eith use grated or slices of cheese on top of mash. bake in hot oven 15mins till golden and heated through, can even make the day before right up to heating stage and pop in oven when you get home. Easy quick dinner. .

crystalmoon, May 12, 1:34am
A sprinkle of paprika of a few 1/4 slices of tomato adds a nice splash of colour too.

vixen09, May 12, 1:37am
That sounds yummy crystalmoon will have to try that next time as only have potatoes at moment and that wouldnt be very interesting would need some Kumara or Pumpkin

245sam, May 12, 1:46am
vixen09, if you wanted to try crystalmoon's tasty idea add some flavouring to your mashed potatoes e. g. dukkah, lightly sauteed onion, garlic, herbs (parsley or whatever you have available - mint for lamb sausages, sage for pork sausages, maybe thyme for beef sausages... . . ) or how about some lightly cooked grated or cooked and mashed carrot. :-))

vixen09, May 12, 1:53am
That sounds really yummy 245sam Might just do that

lythande1, May 12, 7:37pm
I like the layer thing. SLiced sausage, onion, tomato. layer then top with mashed potato and grate some cheese over the top. Basic but tasty.

glendeb, Apr 25, 12:02pm
We make sausage rolls (just take the skin off and add some herbs, chopped onion, breadcrumbs and some stock). Shape into logs and wrap in pstry.

Sausage pasta from the simple savings website.

Sausage and Onion tart from Alison Gofton

Curried Sausages

Or just BBQ