WHATS the best sausages to buy with least fat

uli, Dec 5, 6:16am
least fat

noonesgirl, Dec 5, 6:17am
OT. Ya missed your movie this arvo noddy - Playhouse Disney @ 2pm - Noddy Saves Christmas.

Hellers make good sausages here in ChCh. You putting on a barbie for da purr?

elliehen, Dec 5, 6:19am
Vegetarian sausage noddy.AOK.

noddy26, Dec 5, 6:25am
least fat k i doing a heath talk on them k

noddy26, Dec 5, 6:27am
we is hnoonegirl u bees there tewe k

klestore, Dec 5, 6:44am
We have just had some very yummy turkey sausages for tea ! Very lean, great on the bbq, will buy them again.Low in ww points too - 3 propoints per sausage, if you are into that.

noddy26, Dec 5, 6:47am
tanks k wop bop and boogie

rumbledoll, Dec 5, 9:51pm
Hellers do a low fat sausage in a pack - at Countdown - they are about $6 a tray with 6or 7 sausages.When you cook them slow and slice through there is no trace of fat only the delish taste of real meat.I now buy these as I got so sick of buying other sausges only to find they ended up deep frying in their own fat and then the fillers and horrid flavour.

maycey, Dec 5, 10:30pm
The mad butch has beef surpreme and italian that is low fat and has a health tick. But hmmm I don't think the sausage meat is ground properly. I found the hellers ones much better quality.

2halls, Dec 5, 11:18pm
Blackball Venison sausages are low in fat and extremely tasty.You can order them on their website too I think ?I was put off the low fat Mad Butcher sausages by some 'e' numbers listed in the ingredients,Blackball are all natural :-)

fisher, Dec 6, 7:12am

winnie231, Oct 1, 12:45am
I 2nd 2halls recommendation for Blackball Venison sausages - they are very tasty & all natural & contain from memory less than 10% fat.
Their other sausages & salami are very good too!