Cooking with sausages

spamthecan, Oct 20, 11:50pm
add your favourite sausage recipes,tips on cooking sausages or anything sausage related at all.

trading_gibsons, Oct 20, 11:54pm
I always boil mine first!

uli, Oct 21, 12:23am
I feed mine to neighbours dog.

mopsy3, Oct 21, 1:03am
LOL I feed mine to my dog.Sausages a bleh IMO. My dog however, loves them.And, I dont even have to cook them for him.

rainrain1, Oct 21, 1:07am
There's nothing quite like a good banger, here's a recipe called Sausage Tea Dish

Put sauages in an oven dish and cover with sliced onion and chopped bacon. Pour over the following:-
1dessertsp flour
1 dessertsp sugar
1 dessertsp tomato sauce
1 dessertsp vinegar
1/2 teasp curry powder
1 cup water
Bake in moderate oven (quantity is for 6 sausages)

purplegoanna, Oct 21, 1:20am
my alltime fav is boiled, cut in half lengthways then grilled on skin side then turned over topped with tomato relish and grated cheese and grilled till chesse bubbles...its a comfort food i remember from my childhood....

kay141, Oct 21, 1:44am
If you need to boil sausages first, you are buying rubbish. Find a good butcher who makes their own and try them. The ones I get are at 90- 95% meat depending on the flavouring. Don't prick and slowly cooked in a dry pan.

papariccardo, Oct 21, 3:34am
Where can I buy Asian sausages in Auckland? Green Bay F&V used to stock frozen Chiang Mai sausies, but no longer. Also, yummy Italian & middle Eastern sausies?

I suppose a South African butchery would be a good place to start. Where do you peeps recommend?

uli, Oct 21, 3:38am
I am sure davidt4 would know. Maybe ask her.

cookessentials, Oct 21, 3:39am
If you are ever in Wellington, the Island Bay butchery make the most beutiful pure meat sausages...not greasy, nice and dry and some great combinations. I first tried them at La Bella italia in Petone which is an Italian owned and run deli with everything from olives,salamis,pasta,capers.le-
moncello...all imported from italy and they also have a caf'e - warehouse style. The food is delicious and they used the pork and fennel in a beautiful ragu type dish that my husband had.

davidt4, Oct 21, 3:57am
The Thai food market in Mt Albert, on the corner of Lloyd Ave and New North Rd, has various fermented Thai sausages in the freezer, and sometimes cooked ones in a box on the counter.I haven't tried them because I don't eat rice anymore and they contain sticky rice.I've been told that they are authentic and very good.

papariccardo, Oct 21, 4:01am
As usual, davidt4, you are full of all the help I could need! I joined up at the low carb forum, same username. See you there some time.

I too have sworn off rice, but sticky rice is a different kettle of fish! I eat it rarely enough that I think it's still 'allowed'.

kay141, Oct 21, 4:24am
So does Sensational Meats in Petone and one of the butchers in Naenae. I think it is Olympic Butchery. They both make their own and have won awards for their sausages.

cookessentials, Jun 16, 7:10pm
Thanks for that kay, I will look them up when we are next going down.