Where are the nicest sausages in Chch?

stormbaby, Apr 7, 9:00pm
In another thread I saw someone talking about nice sausages from a butcher up North. Will all the hardship here in Chch, where are the good butchers with the best sausages? Votes please (good idea for cheap Winter meals too).

hoppyl, Apr 7, 9:04pm
irish pork sausages made instore at NW timaru

stormbaby, Apr 7, 9:12pm
Bit far to go from chch:(

katalin2, Apr 7, 9:47pm
Peter Timbs in Edgeware Road- they also now have a shop in the Bishopdale shopping centre. Huge selection, some are national gold medal winners- quite a few gluten free too. Biggest problem is which ones to choose as they are all delicious. They will also make them up into cherio sized ones if you order a few kilos ahead- we did that for daughters barbacue lunch following the next day after the wedding- meant people could try all the different ones.

iriegirl, Apr 8, 3:41am
thank you katalin2! I didn;t know that theyn had a shop at Bishopdale!

deus701, Apr 8, 4:34am
IMO, the best ones are made by Tony Tikao of the CPIT Butchery School. He's gone now, and recommends his friend Peter Timbs.

jessie981, Apr 8, 4:49am
Peter Timbs Hungarian Flavour. Nice & hot.

katalin2, Apr 8, 5:17am
that's our favorite too Jessie !

tantric5, Apr 8, 6:37am
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lips and bums in a skin

enzedda, Apr 8, 6:47am
Ew Tantric5!!Get it right - eyelids and a__holes :D

I also like Peter Timbs sossies.Their Spanish thins are excellent.I get some nice ones from Rayward.Worst sausages ever were from the Mad Butcher, bits of bone in them *shudder*.

jessie981, Apr 8, 6:53am
Mad Butcher sausages, worst ever.

sumstyle, Apr 8, 6:54am
I really like the pork sausages made by the butcher on Selwyn Street, Addington.No eftpos, no weekend trading.

angie461, Apr 8, 8:33am
Traiteurs in merivale all sausages are gluten free, no preservatives, only meat and spices, Delicious.

uli, Apr 8, 8:37am
The bits of bone would be your least worry - the amount of soy, meal, flavourings, colourings and preservatives would outlast any little bit of bone - which would be healthy in comparison :)

sarahj1, Apr 8, 10:27pm
Little Boys (!) sausages from Te Arohoa are amazing - if you can find them. Expensive - they were a real treat - about the same price as fillet steak! Varieties like Duck and Porcini, mmmm - definitely no lips, bums or bone in them!!
Sadly, they don't list any South Island stockists anymore on their website - used to get them from Blax Deli in Montreal St and occasionally Fresh choice Merivale.
Edited to say you can order them online here:

joker13, Apr 8, 10:58pm
Definately Peter Timbs Hungarian- delicious, thin and gluten free. Eat them in a bun with Colman's American Mustard!

mas45, Apr 9, 6:33am
When I'm over in ChCh I always go and get a big bag of GF sausages from Opawa butchery. There really nice and the guys are pretty friendly. Very old school shop and also has some nice organic meat.

char522, Apr 9, 8:53am
Sparks rd Halswell have the best sausages

stormbaby, Apr 10, 12:02am
Thanks guys, looks like Peter Timms. Used to take my Mum there to get venison ones and she loved them. For non sausie lovers, never mind, those of us who love them will make up some bangers and mash and Winter veges, you stick to your whatever! No one ever died from eating lovely fresh sausages!

mbos, Apr 10, 12:25am
Another vote for Peter Timms.

gaspodetwd, Apr 10, 4:34am
They made us really ill. I used to love their meat but after that I never went back. I also found that they weren't at all careful with cross contamination of gluten free. Mind you it was well over a year ago now.