Easy recipes with sausages ?

vixen09, Sep 22, 4:26am
we are having sausages for dinner and am sick of devilled sausages and fried with veges any yummy exciting easy ideas?

Thanks in Advance

darlingmole, Sep 22, 4:40am
I love curried sausages~!Par boil the sausages until the skin comes off.Dice them up (if you like).Meanwhile fry up your onions/garlic/ginger/curry powder etc, throw in a tin of coconut cream - then the sausages - any veges you like and serve on rice.Easy as

vixen09, Sep 22, 4:42am
have all the ingredients but coconut cream as am not a coconut fan any other yummy recipes darlingmole?

lookin4adeal, Sep 22, 4:45am
I precooked some sausages on the BBQ last week just to brown them and then put them in a casserole dish with some apples, can of tomatoes, some apricots some red wine, some onions and I think I did add a packet of some casserole mix as well.Just a bit of this and that but worked and everyone loved it.

vixen09, Sep 22, 4:48am
Maybe will try that approach and see what I come up with or does anyone have a nice easy deviled sausages recipe?

nanasee1, Sep 22, 4:59am
If you don't like coconut milk you could use stock or tinned tomatoes in the curry. Another favourite for my children was 'midweek roast', all the usual veg with sausages baked in the oven & served with brown onion gravy.

vixen09, Sep 22, 5:03am
yumm that sounds good maybe I will have something else tonight and will make that tomorrow nanasee1 as have to have dinner for me and partner ready and eaten by 6

sweater, Sep 22, 5:58am
Golden Sausages
2Tblsp Flour1Tblsp sugar1Tblsp Worcester sauce2Tblsp Vinegar2Tblsp Tomato saucepepper
1tsp dry mustard
Mix all to a smooth paste & add 2 cups boiling water
Put 6 sausages into a casserole dish with 1 sliced onion & 1 grated carrot.

Cook in moderate oven for 1& 1/2 hours.

This is a family favourite in our house

rkcroft, Sep 22, 6:48am
as a child, I really loved stuffed sausages.We used to split them open and stuff with mashed potato or mashed kumara which had chopped up fried bacon & onions mixed in.Split the precooked sausages, spread a little chutney over and pile on the mash.Top with grated cheese and grill.You can add whatever you like to the mashed potato.

karenz, Sep 22, 6:59am
I cook them first, grill or panfry, and while they are cooking make a red sauce, oil, onions, garlic and herbs, add a tin of tomatoes and reduce a little.Then slice the sausages and add to this and serve over lots of mashed potatoes.My family love it.If the sausages are flavoured, ie Italian you don't need to add the herbs.

bunny51, Sep 23, 1:40am
Toad in the hole. My kids love that.

marcs, Apr 10, 1:45pm
Lol bunny I made toad in a hole one night and the family had a good laugh at my expense. Said it looked like little wieners sticking out as I made them in muffin tins and could not get the sausage to fit. I think it embarassed me enough to not make it again. It was really nice though. I love eating yorkshire pudding with maple or golden syrup. Yummy breakfast idea.