Golden sausages... you reckon this would work in..

tipsy_bl0nde, Nov 7, 9:33pm
the crock pot if sausies are browned first? have some yummy thai chilli sausages but would like to do a crock pot dinner tonight.

EDIT this is the recipe i got off here

Golden Sausages:

* 500gms sausages
* 1 onion chopped
* 1 carrot grated
* 2 tbsp flour
* 2 tbsp vinegar
* 1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce
* 1 tbsp sugar
* Add 2 cups boiling water
* Salt and pepper

Place sausages into a baking dish along with chopped onions and carrot.
Mix flour, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, and sugar to a smooth paste.
Then add 2 cups of boiling water along with salt and pepper.
Pour over sausages and vegetables and bake at 160C for 11/2 - 2hrs.

rubyjane11, Nov 7, 10:23pm
I often make it in the crockpot works out fine

winnie231, Nov 7, 10:37pm
Hi tipsy ... that recipe's from me and yes, I've made it quite successfully in my slowcooker.

korbo, Nov 7, 11:15pm
winnie, that recipe has been in our family for over 50yrs. it is the best standby meal....everyone loves it. use the same for lamb chops and beef....

winnie231, Nov 7, 11:24pm
Hi - korbo. I wasn't claiming ownership of the recipe for golden sausages itself ... I know it's been around a long time. I meant it was me who posted the recipe above that tipsy is using.

tipsy_bl0nde, Nov 8, 12:35am
Hi guys thanks for that although is a bit late so i threw together a sausage casserole. smells gorgeous threw in a can of baked beans which seems to work well. will definitely try the golden sausies in the slow cooker this week though. any recommendations for times in the crock pot for the golden sausages?

winnie231, Nov 8, 2:07am
6-8hrs on low in the slow cooker (cooking times vary between makes&models)

naki45, Nov 8, 2:52am
Sounds perfect for a crockpot dish :-)

noonesgirl, Nov 18, 6:32am
Making for tea. Just had a taste - very bland?

winnie231, Nov 18, 6:48am
Hmmm - the only other thing I add that's not listed is garlic so not sure what to suggest.
It isn't the most exciting recipe in the world flavour-wise but still belongs in my 'comfort foods' box :)
Plenty of s&p ofcourse and good quality, tasty sausages. I have eaten it made by others who used cheap, bland sausages & this definately gave a poorer result.

noonesgirl, Nov 18, 6:52am
Good brand sausages - Hellers

winnie231, Nov 18, 7:14am
Take the lid off and let it reduce a bit???
Don't know what else you could do ... add a spoonful of chutney?
I don't know about Hellers as I never buy commercial sausages. I only use hand crafted butchery sausages with no nasties.
Maybe someone else can be more help ...

fifie, Nov 18, 8:12am
Good comfort food recipe have been making it for years,in the crockpot i always brown saus and onions first, sometimes add a apple, garlic,garlic sauce, or a spoon or to of chutney whatever is in the pantry goes in, always good never bland great with mashed potatoes..

sweater, Aug 15, 7:09pm
I make this old favourite recipe often and always add approx 2 Tblsp Tomato sauce, home made.